Technopark Premier League

Registration started for Technopark premier league 2014

For us Indians, cricket isn’t merely a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on a field. Cricket has created Gods and made us worship them with devotion. It has been in our blood for more than half a century. Cricket has made many…and destroyed many too. It’s not a wonder that most of us want it to be declared as the national game. On playing par with the scenario of changing society, Technopark has also introduced the cricket gaming season for techies, proudly known as ‘Technopark Premier League’. Launched on 2001, it still continues to take place every year with much pomp and pride.

Technopark Premier League (TPL) Cricket tournament’ is an annual cricket tournament conducted by Technopark, Trivandrum for the companies functioning inside its campus. It usually starts in the month of November and would span for 3-4 months. 100+ teams participate in this corporate cricket tournament. The teams are from each company. The team members consist of the company staff. With more than 200 companies in the Technopark, almost all the companies take part in this grand event. The match for the new season will be announced during November, and the match terminates on April.The matches are played in weekends and public holidays. The venue of this tournament is at the Technopark Cricket Ground that is situated inside the Campus premises. First round will be played in the league format and the knock-out round will follow that. The qualifying matches were of 10 overs’ duration. Quarter finals onwards, the matches were of 15-over duration. Prizes for the winners are given out by Technopark CEO.

Though there was some uncertainty during the introduction of tournament when it was launched in 2001, it soon evaporated as the match became a huge success. The initial inhibition of the companies changed dramatically in the following years. Where there were a few handful companies at first, it is now replaced with 130+ companies for the TPL 2013.RevenueMed topped for three years in a row starting from 2011. RevenueMed is a captive business processing operation and provides a range of business processing services such as coding, extended business operations etc.

TPL Cricket tournament is intended for showcasing the cricketing expertise of the employees who works in theTechnopark campus. Though teams usually consist of people with average talent but the spirits that each one shows is world class and that makes all the difference. Team work enabled them to boost each other’s talent and covered each one’s negatives. In the hectic world of techies, TPL proved to be a cool breath for them and hope to continue to do so.

Registration fee per cricket team is Rs 2,000. You can contact the technopark premier league organizing team via 0471- 2700222 or 9037499461.



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